Awards Methodology

Portfolio managers and sell-side analysts nominated a total of 2,214 U.S. companies in this year's All-America Executive Team rankings. Three hundred eighty companies achieved a first, second or third place ranking for Best CEO, CFO, IR Professional and/or IR Programs. Of those, 171 were named America's Most Honored Companies for achieving two more published positions in the combined (buy-side and sells-side) rankings. Rank order is determined by those with the highest weighted score; first-place positions receive three points, second place receives two, third place receives one. This year, for the first time, we will also designate Most Honored Companies in the Midcap category. The designation of Most Honored Company for Midcap is based on the highest weighted score achieved within each sector. This score is determined by weighting each ranked position a company achieved in the combined (buy-side and sell-side) ranking. Each first-place position is worth three points; second place, two; and third place, one. If a tie exists in the weighted score, the winner is then determined by calculating a company’s results from the underlying data. The company with the highest total weighted score from the underlying data received in each of the categories was used as the tie breaker.