Awards Methodology

Portfolio managers and sell-side analysts nominated a total of 2,213 U.S. companies in this year's All-America Executive Team rankings. Two hundred seventy companies achieved a first, second or third place ranking for Best CEO, CFO, IR Professional and/or IR Programs. Of those, 191 were named America's Most Honored Companies for achieving two more published positions in the combined (buy-side and sells-side) rankings. Rank order is determined by those with the highest weighted score; first-place positions receive three points, second place receives two, third place receives one. Recently, a new designation for Most Honored Company for Midcap and Most Honored Company for Small Cap has been introduced using the same approach as above, recognizing companies within the $2B-$10 billion market cap for Midcap and less than $2B for Small Cap. The Midcap ranking is based on the highest weighted score achieved within each sector, whereas the small cap ranking is tabulated on a category level rather than sector. This score is determined by weighting each ranked position a company achieved in the combined (buy-side and sell-side) ranking. Each first-place position is worth three points; second place, two; and third place, one. If a tie exists in the weighted score, the winner is then determined by calculating a company’s results from the underlying data. The company with the highest total weighted score from the underlying data received in each of the categories was used as the tie breaker.